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smooth waxing

How long does the hair need to be in order to be waxed?

The hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long for the wax to be able to grab onto it.

What if the hair is longer than ¼ inch?

Don’t worry about trimming or cutting the hair if you are worried it is too long, we will trim the hair for you if it is longer than we prefer it.

What should I do to prepare?

It is recommended to take a couple of Advil 30-45 minutes prior to waxing. It helps reduce inflammation, and makes the process a little more comfortable.

What can I do to make waxing more comfortable?

If you are dehydrated, or have had caffeine, your skin will be constricted, causing more discomfort during waxing. It is best to avoid caffeine prior to waxing, and drink plenty of water. Exfoliating the area prior to waxing is also recommended. This will get rid of the hardened, dead skin cells on top, allowing the softer skin below to let go of the hair more easily.

What can I expect after waxing?

It is common to experience redness, inflammation, and tenderness in the region which has been waxed, after hair removal. Most of these side effects will alleviate within a couple of hours, with possible tenderness to the touch over the next day.

refreshing facials

Will my skin breakout after a facial?

Some mild purging of the pores is not uncommon for those who do not get facials regularly, but excessive breakouts are not likely to occur.

What type of products do you use during a facial?

Depending on the facial, we use an array of medical grade products by Epicuren and Dermaquest. Both of which have very specific delivery systems that allow the products to penetrate deeper, to the dermal layer, for a corrective change.

What type of facial should I choose?

If you are unsure as to what your skincare needs are, discuss your concerns with your Esthetician and together you can create a treatment plan. It is often best to start with the Custom Facial, as it gives the professional the opportunity to assess your skin, and more importantly, discuss your goals for achieving more radiant, youthful, healthy skin.